Tag: grievings


  • Rude Boys

    a gang that has territory in north grievings. Lead by a man named [[:jarll | Jarll]]. was contracted to keep an eye on the [[moorehouse | moorehouse]] during the harvestors run. rivals of the [[true blood devils | true blood devils]].

  • moorehouse

    the abandoned mansion where we found [[:father-gregor | father gregor]] and fought the harvestor. now destroyed.

  • fallen soldier

    a seedy dive bar in [[Rude Boys | Rude Boys]] territory. We gathered information here before going to [[moorehouse | moorehouse]]

  • true blood devils

    gang that runs opposite the [[Rude Boys | Rude Boys]] in south grievings. they possibly run out of the [[temple of the guilded purse | temple of the guilded purse]]

  • father gregor

    A priest in the district of grievings and the latest victim of a harvestor. currently in recovery under the watch of some other priests after being rescued by us.