demon lord and friends

arrival at crossings

we got to the city of Crossings, and went looking for father gregor, because he supposedly will have leads about the plague ritual at Hastings. Turns out Father Gregor and a bunch of other people have disappeared recently, and we made contact with an officer of the watch sargeant Elise. We go looking for Father Gregor, follow the leads, find a house in crappiest part of town where the missing people are being taken. We KO the night guards and take them prisoner. Our changelings now look like the guards, who are from a gang called the Rude Boys who have been hired to keep an eye on the house to make sure nobody goes poking around.

We investigate the house, find a bunch of the missing persons who are being cut up and fed to a ghoul. Father Gregor is there, alive but catatonic, and missing an eye, an arm, and a leg. We kill the ghoul. The kidnapper of these people comes back, and he is a stitched together mess of various body parts (a harvestor). We defeat it and save Father Gregor and the newest victim, who is just a kid jeffery, barely hanging on to life.


mccoycasey1 mccoycasey1

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